About us

Worldwide exports of tablets injections api ointments etc of superior quality with all certifications.
Customisation of packaging for exports are also available.

RynatyHealthCare is well-known as a reputable organisation with solid business contacts with practically all Indian bulk medicine manufacturers and a strong presence in international bulk drug hubs. We buy all of the pharmaceuticals we deal with in bulk quantities, so they are all cost effective. We are one of India’s major sourcing and distribution agents, with great contacts all around the world. We provide the most affordable prices and the highest quality from reputable manufacturers all over the world.

Our Mission

Our up-to-date product selection enables us to ensure the highest possible quality of products, enhancing its competitiveness. As a result, both regular and walk-in customers may expect perfect satisfaction. We are constantly striving to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers. To reach our lofty goals, we collaborate with our customers as a team. We are dedicated to improving the effectiveness of the "Quality Management System" on a continuous basis.

Our Vission

To stay up with the industry's developing and changing demand, the company continues to innovate and expand its scope. This commitment to innovation extends to our customer service as well. It intends to form commercial connections with well-known multinational companies in order to better service clients' demands. This aligns with the Company's mission of meeting the demands of its valued consumers all over the world.


We take great pride in the services and products we offer, and we treat each order as if it were being delivered to a member of our family. We believe in only advertising high-quality products that have been thoroughly evaluated by our personnel before being offered to any of our clients.

Retail pharmacy

We provide specialised items to prominent pharmacies throughout the globe. We provide incredible discounts on all branded medicines.

Corporate hospitals

We provide services to a variety of corporate hospitals in accordance with the pricing and terms set forth by the respective companies.

Rate Contracts

We supply to a variety of government organisations under a single vendor rate contract, under which we supply all of the commodities required by the institution at a tender discount for the duration of the contract.


Apart from emergency supplies, we regularly compete in tenders floated by government hospitals via Rate contracts and local acquisitions. We supply to centralised purchase of various pharmacies


A corporation located in India with years of experience and specialist knowledge.


Worldwide pharmaceutical exports and imports even for community pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors.


Pre-wholesaling for the pharmaceutical business is covered by national and international standards.

Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical sourcing and supply, adhering to purchasing for safety and sustainable procurement policies.